Privacy Policy Privacy Policy is very serious about protecting your privacy as well as everyone that visits our website.

Obtained Personal Information

All personal information printed, submitted or transmitted via our forms, online chat, or emails will become our property and we can use the information for any lawful purpose that is described within in our privacy policy and permitted by law.

Please read our Privacy Policy thoroughly

This notice will provide you with the way we collect, share, and protect your information. Our Privacy Policy is for any person that applies to use our products, services, or visitors to our website, which does include former and current customers.

During your time as a customer or even as a former customer, we must provide you with information regarding the way in which we share information. The relationship as a customer starts from the moment you obtain a service or product from us.

The relationship will be terminated at the time when you have paid your transaction in full.

Information We Collect

We do collect personal information, which is used to identify you as our customer, which includes but is not limited to non-public personal information. The main goal to collect this information is to provide you with the personal financial products and services that meet your needs. The information collected aids us in improving and personalizing your experience.

We collect or in some cases track the following information:

Information on forms including online forms, e-mails, transaction documents, sales documents, registration forms, surveys, or other documents that are related to the products and services we provide to our customers which will include your name, address, telephone number, social security number, email address, employment information, driver’s license number, bank account information, demographic information, and information regarding your income, assets, and debts.
Information regarding your transactions with us, our affiliates, or others, including transaction balances, account history, payment history, parties transactions, overdraft history and the reasons you are doing business with us.
Any information we obtain from third parties, which includes lenders, and consumer reporting agencies which provides information on your credit history and information that will verify your identity.
Information we obtain to verify information you have submitted including income and employment history.
Information received from marketing information firms like household demographics
Information received website headers like type of computer, web browser and IP address.
Information you provide when contacting our customer service
Information we receive in email communications from you.

We use this Information for:
Providing products or services you requested
Provide you with offers from us or others
Comply with all legal requirements
Improve your browsing experience
Process payments
Update account records
study visitors demographics, payment histories, and preferences
statistical analyses
Provide our advertisers with feedback

Sharing Your Information may sell or share your personal information with other companies that are affiliated with our website as well as other companies we have business dealings as allowed by law. The companies that may receive your information can include consumer lenders, mortgage brokers, mortgage bankers, small loan lenders, loan brokers, tax refund anticipation loan lenders, supervised lenders, consumer reporting agencies, delayed deposit providers, insurance agencies, deferred deposit providers, check cashers, deferred presentment providers, collection agencies, banks, credit card providers, pawn and title pawn providers, ATM providers, automobile dealers, store valued card providers, debit card providers, bill payment
agencies, automobile financing providers, , insurance services providers, automobile leasing providers, money transfer and remittance providers, sellers and remitters of money orders. Others may include financial service provider holding companies, or agents, contractors, or representatives of any non-financial companies, including tax preparers, payroll service providers, lead generators, advertisers, companies or individuals that do industry-related research, surveys or polls, marketing companies, advertisers on our websites,
automobile dealers, and any person who offers a non-financial product or service, and holding companies, or agents, contractors, or representatives of any of the foregoing. Other businesses can include non-profit organizations, trade associations, and industry analysts or agents, contractors, or representatives of any of the foregoing. may also disclose information to Affiliated Companies and non-affiliated companies that provide us with various services. This can include direct marketers, database providers who assist in identity verification, magazine publishers, retailers, and credit scoring companies. These companies have limited access only to provide them with the access to perform their duties.

If we are asked to provide information to protect the rights of our customers or the safety of our website we will provide all information.

We reserve the right to release personal information to law enforcement or governmental officials as we, in our sole discretion, believe is necessary to comply with the law.

We reserve the right to use and disclose your personal information as we believe is appropriate using our sole discretion.

At any time, we may report your account information to Credit Bureaus, which will include defaults on your account, missed payments, and late payments. This information may affect your credit report.

Automatic Information and Cookies

We may obtain and store some types of information while you browse our website. We do this by the use of cookies to receive this information, which can include your name and email address.

Cookies are nothing more that pieces of data that are transferred to your computer from our web browser, which allows us to provide you with a better overall browsing experience by recording your preferences. The majority of web browsers allow cookies automatically but you can turn these off by checking the help section of your web browser.

Your Rights for Limiting the Sharing of Personal Information

You can contact us at and ask us not to share your information with any of other companies. If you do this, it is known as opt out, but we may still share your information as permitted under the law.

Opt-Out Information and Notice

To limit the information shares with affiliated and non-affiliated parties contact us.

If we do not receive any correspondence from you regarding sharing your information within 30 days of your visit to our website, we will share your information. When we receive your opt out request, at that time we will stop sharing the information.

How We Protect Your Personal Information

The only personnel that have access to your information are employees that must use the information in order to provide you with services or products. We use physical, procedural, and electronic devices that company with regulations set forth by the federal government to guard your personal information.

Our Right to Contact You

We reserve the right to contact you at any time regarding changes to your subscriptions, your account status, our privacy policy or other agreements that are relevant to you or your account.

By using our website in any fashion, you are stating that you understand and agree that we may contact via the email address or telephone number you provided.

Safeguarding Children

We do not collect any information from children. All services and information that is provided by or our sponsors, advertisers, or affiliates are not intended to be viewed or used by those under the age of 18. No information that is received from children is collected with our knowledge or used for purposes within our company including promotional or marketing purposes.

We reserve the right to change our privacy policy at any time whereas notifying you of the new policies and the location so you can read the changes.